Animal free protein solutions
egg and dairy proteins.

We take advantage of the super fast, efficient & scalable plant metabolism to produce animal free proteins.

The future is SUSTAINABLE proteins

What came first, the protein or the egg?

Get all the functionalities proteins have to offer without cracking any eggs; ovoalbumin, ovotransferrin and all the others.


Un-commoditizing caseins

Animal-free kappa & beta market for vegan and dairy cheese.

stretching cheese

Functional proteins

VELOZBIO’s protein production platform can produce complex protein foldings correlated to certain functionalities.

means fast

From zero to pilot scale in less than 6 months. Working with egg & dairy protein production.


VELOZBIO can produce proteins affordably and at scale

Not just Animal Free proteins…

We use everything our raw materials have to offer, like starches, plant proteins, etc. 

An experienced team

2nd time founders with proven track record

Enrique Gonzalez

CEO & Cofounder

Flavio Siller

COO & Cofounder

Margarita Lopez, PhD

Margarita López, PhD

CTO & Cofounder

Norma García

Norma García

IP Manager

Nicole Morveli

Nicole Morveli

Lab assistant

Jessica Chavez

Jessica Mendez

Lab assistant

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